Saturday, 2 December 2017

Turtle Bay: First Ever Christmas Menu!!

Turtle Bay recently contacted me and gave me the exciting opportunity to review their first ever Caribbean Christmas menu. This was perfect timing as I had just visited the Caribbean for the first time in October and loved trying all of the food and drinks out there.

Turtle Bay are actually offering a variety of packages for Christmas, including 3 course lunches, all day 4 course meals and festive platters. Obviously, being the foodie that I am (others would probably call it greedy) we opted for the 4 course menu. As you can see from the photo's, the restaurant itself is gorgeous, I absolutely love anywhere with fairy lights. We picked the Guildford restaurant as this is the closest one to me and my friend Steff who I invited along to share the experience with.

Firstly we tried the 'Upon Arrival' snacks, this is like the starter's starters I guess but such a great idea for when you're really hungry, it also means you don't quite rush your main meal decisions. The 'upon arrival' food consists of Garlic Flatbread, Trini Chickpeas & Spicy Pork Rinds. 

For drinks I decided on the Porn Star Martini - one of my favourite cocktails! 

To start I had the Sweetcorn Fritters, these were delicious but definitely not a healthy choice!

For mains I had the Spinach, Aubergine & Sweet Potato Curry, again this was absolutely delicious but pretty spicy. I really tried to finish this but as well as having a massive portion, it was just a bit too spicy for me to enjoy towards the end.

Steff went for the Guyanese Duck Curry which she really loved! 

See, I almost finished my food...

Oh, and another drink - this was a special recommended by our lovely waitress. I believe it was recently taken off the menu but a previous favourite from Turtle Bay? 

Yes, we still made sure we had room for pudding. I had the Rum Cake which is actually imported in from the Cayman Islands so was a true taste of the Caribbean.

Steff went for the Banana & Toffee cheesecake but admittedly we had half and half of each others just because pudding is the best bit, right? Oops! 

So after that, we were completely stuffed and could hardly move we'd eaten so much. All the food was super tasty and the staff extremely friendly, making the whole experience wonderful for our Sunday afternoon. I would definitely recommend Turtle Bay for a place to try this Christmas, this would be he perfect place for any Christmas party! 


Thursday, 30 November 2017


The Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition has been a product I had heard many amazing things about and so I decided to invest and stop using my high street foundations. I thought I would share my thoughts on this product with you - especially if you are undecided on spending a bit extra on a new foundation. 

This product was £28.50 but for me I usually feel that spending a bit extra on foundation and skincare is definitely worth while... Sadly, on this occasion I am not as amazed with this product as I expected to be. It does do what it says 'on the tin' - it's a weightless foundation and I feel maybe that my personal error that I have learnt from this purchase is that I really prefer a bit more coverage when it comes to foundations and face make-up. At this time of year, with a bit of sunshine, my face is covered with freckles and this for me is something I would rather cover up. 

Other foundations I have chosen and loved have never normally been full coverage products however, a couple of examples being the Clarins True Radiance Foundation & L'oreal True Match Foundation. 

I have now found a solution to using this foundation, I have been mixing it with the Boujois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 53, which then creates a thicker base. I have included the photo below to give the outcome of what this looks like on my skin. Once mixed with another foundation I do really like the look that this gives on my skin but at £28.50, sadly I don't think it's one that I will be re-purchasing any time soon! 


Saturday, 16 September 2017


This post is something I began to draft several months ago, back when at work we were focusing on 'Sleep Month' - I wanted to re-visit it as I have started to get out of some of the good habits I developed. 

I wouldn't say I've ever really struggled with getting to sleep, however earlier this year I decided to focus a lot more on winding down, going to sleep at a sensible time and attempting to get 8 hours in a night. I did this by winding down an hour before when I wanted to sleep and that meant no phone, laptop or TV to give my mind a chance to really switch off. This really worked for me and at the time I found myself feeling much more refreshed. My aim is to get back into these habits again as the days begin to get shorter for the winter... and with starting a new job in London - exciting! 

I do still find it fairly easy to get to sleep at night but am waking up throughout the night a lot more often. By changing some of my habits again I want to see if this helps to make a difference. 

My tops tips that help me sleep are: 

  • Wind Down: Allow time to relax and switch off before going to bed, I found that listening to calming / relaxing music really helped with this. As the winter months approach, another thing I love to do is light loads of candles, whether thats in my room or around the bath, i just find them really calming. 
  • Bath Before Bed: This might not work for everyone but one thing I love is a really hot bath before bed, especially with a Lush bath bomb. This is the perfect chance to destress and leaves me feeling really tired afterwards. 
  • Develop a Nighttime Beauty Routine: I don't always have time to wind down with a full on beauty routine but when I do I like to have a bit of a pamper session, including using my favourite face wipes, followed by the Face Wash and Toner from Purelogical. I then use the night cream from Frezyderm and Lush's Dream Cream on my body. 
If you have any top tips for a better nights sleep, please feel free to share them with me... 


Wednesday, 13 September 2017


I was recently asked to head over to the Café Rouge in Esher to review their summer menu. This has been an exciting opportunity for me as I really love Café Rouge and have already shared a couple of my favourite meals from there on my social media - I hadn't however tried the summer menu yet so what better excuse to taste some different foods. I decided to invite my Mum along as my +1 for the dinner as I knew how much she would enjoy the experience and also have a chance to share with her something that I have accumulated through blogging - after all there's not really that many blogging related events you can normally take your Mum to right!? 

Anyway, lets talk about food.. & drinks of course...

So when it came to my choice of drink I had to go for the Gin Blooms, these are absolutely amazing, if you're a Gin fan like me that is. Some of you may have already seen a glass of the Cucumber & Watermelon Gin on my Instagram, I tried this a couple of months ago and had to share as it's got such an amazing taste. I've also recently got my Mum into drinking Gin and therefore she opted for the Elderflower Gin which has a slightly sweeter taste and comes with raspberries in the glass. 

 Excuse the slightly blurred photo but it's the only one i've actually got of myself enjoying the food. To start I had the Soupe de Saison which was with Asparagus and Watercress, not something I would usually choose to start, I would often go a little more unhealthy (Garlic Bread is my favourite) but actually this was the perfect choice, super tasty and left me will still enough room for my main and dessert.
 For my main I had the Porc Schnitzel, which came with slaw and chips. I first tried a little bit of Schnitzel when in Berlin earlier this year and decided it was now time to experience this as a meal - I was not disappointed! My mum had the Poulet Breton which is chicken that comes with creamy mash and vegetables, something I really want to try when I go to Café Rouge again.

 Another main meal which I tried and loved recently at Café Rouge was the Tagine, again not something I would normally pick but I'm really making an effort at the moment to stop being so picky and just try new things!

Dessert is my favourite part of any meal, I have such a sweet tooth. I decided to have the Chocolate Torte whilst my Mum went for the Strawberry Cheesecake. The Chocolate Torte itself was perfect, although it comes with creme fraise which I'm not a massive fan of. I'm sure if I had realised beforehand I would have been able to swap it for cream or ice-cream so I still feel like this would be a dessert I would love to have again. 

The restaurant itself in Esher has a lovely relaxed vibe, with an outside area too that would be perfect on summer days. I am very tempted to go back to the Esher Café Rouge for brunch soon, so you may just see those photos go up on my Instagram.

The staff were amazing and couldn't be more helpful and kind, they really did make the evening feel extra special. All of my meals were chosen from the Summer Set Menu, which is still available in restaurants at the moment, however the Autumn menu will be available on the website soon. 

Do you have a favourite meal from Café Rouge, let me know? 


Saturday, 15 July 2017


Recently I was asked to review the newly opened Miller & Carter restaurant in Salfords, Surrey. I decided to invite my parents and my boyfriend to join me for the meal as it's really nice when I can, to share and involve them in some of my blogging experiences and what better excuse to all get together and enjoy a meal. We decided to go on a Sunday evening, which was perfect to really make sure we enjoyed every moment of the weekend and avoid any Sunday blues. 

The drinks menu at Miller & Carter is truly amazing, I believe there really would be something for everyone. We decided to go for a bottle of sparkling rose, 'Rosa Delicate' which was delicious. As we we're already quite hungry when we arrived we decided to also grab a starter of cheesy garlic bread which hit the spot perfectly. 

Ok, so now you may have guessed it - yes, I am a fussy eater and I actually hadn't really eaten steak before. I feel as I get older my tastebuds are definitely changing and I find myself trying and liking more and more things but it was really good to see that Miller & Carter also offer a whole range of options, even if you weren't a massive steak lover. I had the Honey & Chilli Glazed Chicken with chips which was super tasty. Everyone else of course had steak and that of course is where Miller & Carters expertise lie, apparently all the steaks had been cooked to absolute perfection  - I did try and couple of bites of James steak and I feel it is definitely something I would try again! 
So we did treat ourselves to a pudding as well that evening, I mean we couldn't not really - again there was lots of choice but our waitress kindly recommended the Miller's Chocolate Orange (pictured below). If your a chocolate lover like me then this pudding is to die for, although I was actually beaten by it, which is very unlike me. I have a super sweet tooth and am always determined to finish anything like this but i would say its probably enough to be a sharer pudding, so be prepared if your going to give it a try. James went for the chocolate brownie and ice cream, which is another favourite of mine - anything chocolate to be honest! 

Overall it was a really great experience to spend time with the people that I love and enjoy great food and drinks - thank you to Miller & Carter Salfords for inviting me to review this lovely restaurant. If you wish to see the full Miller & Carter menu or even book yourself a table, click here.


Friday, 23 June 2017


I have to admit Frezyderm wasn't a brand I had heard of or seen in the shops before but they kindly contacted me on social media and offer to send me a few of their products to try. I love finding new skincare favourites and therefore I just wanted to share the products I have tried, my thoughts and how I use them...

Instant Lifting: This serum helps to brighten and smooth the appearance of skin. I apply this after washing / cleansing my face when my skin is completely clear of any make up. You should allow 15 minutes for the products to get to work.

Eye Balm: This product is designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles underneath the eyes, again I use this without any other make up products on my face and allow to sink in.

Active Block SPF25 Face Cream: I have been using this for a couple of weeks now applying all over my face, it sinks into the skin really quickly and isn't too think like some SPF's can be. I have decided to stop wearing so much make up to work during the week now and therefore have changed up my overall make up and skin care quite a bit lately. Every few evenings I am applying a facial tanning product and then letting that develop overnight. Therefore in the mornings I am simply using my Frezyderm Products and then a little bit of concealer and bronzer on my skin.

Night Force A+E: On the evenings when I don't use my facial tanner I have been using the night A+E  cream - this is to hydrate, reduce wrinkles and also promote firmness and radiance.


Sunday, 4 June 2017


 Not sure if i'm going to make this a regular post on my blog now but I thought i would write about where I have been this weekend. As I mentioned in my previous post for me it's really important to make the most of my weekends now that I am working full time - and I also feel with the longer days and nicer weather, it's definitely time to get out and explore.

So today we took a drive over to Richmond - if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that when we arrived, I then realised there was no access for any vehicles today in Richmond Park where we normally leave the car. This did mean we found somewhere to leave the car for free and go for an extra long walk through Richmond park and into the town.

 Richmond is probably another real favourite place of mine, myself and James go quite a lot throughout the summer months - especially as it's not too far for us too drive to. Today we walked into town, looked around the shops and got a late lunch in a cute little cafe - unfortunately I don't know the name of the place and for once I didn't even take a picture of my food! Can I even call myself a blogger!? 

 We did also have a drink in the Slug and Lettuce by the river. On our walk back we found this little square which has a weekend market - this was a really cute corner to stumble across. The name of the market I believe was Duck Pond market, in Herron square? 

 A fairly short and simple post today but wanted to share what I have been up to this weekend - also in total we've ended today on 16,736 steps, which is 6,87 miles.

We've also just had Ladies Day and Derby Day at Epsom Downs this weekend, so the past couple of days I have spent enjoying the races with friends and family. 


Monday, 29 May 2017


 Since working full time I've realised how important it is to make the most of the days off that I have, for that reason I have started putting together a list of places that I would like to visit. I have a lot of places on my list in London, Brighton and Surrey - although I have also started to think about new places I would love to visit in the UK and all over the world. If you have any suggestions - towns, cafes, bars, any favourite places of yours, please do share it with me in the comments.

I had been to Notting Hill before, however it was many years ago and way before I started blogging. Going back recently made me realise that this was blogger central, as I walked down the streets I felt as if I was part of every bloggers behind the scenes, people posing on doorsteps, selfies and people sharing they're movements on Instagram stories - it was really great to see and also meant you didn't get any odd looks taking photos yourself. 

We went on a Saturday, the streets were buzzing and we stopped for food at the Portobello Road market - Potata cheesy chips, which were super yummy (Not on plan for my diet however). I also found an amazing marble necklace for £10.00. As you can see from the photo's below I also got myself a coconut water. 

 Another place we visited whilst in Notting Hill was the Electric Diner - this is just next door to the Electric Cinema and is such a cool little place. We didn't try the food on this occasion but instead just popped in for a drink - I had a glass of Rose and James had a peanut butter & banana milkshake, which tasted incredible! 

 Overall we were really lucky with the weather we went into London that day, it's also great way of getting the steps up - I think we walked almost 20,000 steps in one day. If you haven't been already, I would definitely recommend giving Notting Hill and the Portobello Road Market a visit. 

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